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What is a LED mask – all the info you’ll need

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What is a LED masks? I think we have all seen people using these Star Wars masks around all our social media platforms before and I guess I’m late compared to other people writing about them.

I was contacted by Current body and asked if I wanted to try their LED mask out. Can’t say I knew much about these masks at all and of course did a little research before saying yes. I have seen people using LED masks I just felt they were to expensive for me to try out.

There will be a full review on my next post (following this one) but I felt that if I was going to write all the information on what a LED mask is first the review post would be super long so therefor I simply split them up.

First down to the basics.

What is a LED mask?

You have probably seen these all over social media and wondered what it is they really do. Light treatments for different skin concerns is nothing new. But the easy access to them is. Dermatologists have been using them way longer and it is just the last years that they have been made into simple products to use at home.

To make it super easy they basically are a mask with LED lights. But what is special about them is the wavelength of the light used in them.

These masks comes in different types and it is here it gets interesting. The important thing when choosing a mask that is good for you is to know what you want it to do. The main difference between them are what light they use and what that light will do for your skin. If you are skeptic or just want to know the research behind these masks I will link some for you at the end of this post.

Blue light (435-500 nm)
This light is for people who mainly have problems with acne and then specifically inflammatory acne. This wavelength targets the bacteria that is causing acne. The only downside to blue light is that it might cause hyper pigmentation. If you know that you easily get these spots you might want to consider using a red light instead.

Red light 625-740 nm

The red light increases circulation and stimulate collagen making this the right choice if your main goal is to reduce lines and wrinkles. Red light will also help with acne since it helps with inflammation but not as much as the blue light.

These are the two most common types of masks but there is also yellow light (reduce redness) and green light (helps with pigmentation).

Visible light spectra
Visible light

Are they safe?

Most of the information I have found says that it is absolutely safe to use. But if you suffer from photosensitivity (sensitive to sunlight and other light sources) you absolutely should be careful.

There have been studies shown that blue light is not the best option but still there is not that much research done on them. Also different types of medicine might effect your skin as well. If you read the information on your medicine it might say that you should avoid direct sunlight. If that is the case you should be a little careful and not over use the masks. Don’t use the mask more than recommended. The masks are not a quick fix.

CurrentBody LED mask
CurrentBody LED mask

My skin issues and expectations

My main issues with my skin is that it is super dry. I have huge problems with finding skincare that actually works for me and since I live in Sweden were we have cold winters my skin becomes a total mess every winter. A lot changed since I started using Korean skincare products but I still have really dry skin. I have wrinkles ( I am in my 40’s) and I do have hyper pigmentation due to too many hours in the sun and of course from aging.

My expectations are not that high and I think that it is important that you really try to learn what to expect before buying a product like this. I don’t expect so see miracles or to look 10 years younger.

I do find it super difficult to review products from an anti aging perspective since it is impossible to say how my skin would look without using that specific product I am testing.

When people are claiming that the wrinkles got reduced by X-percent I will always ask did it really. There is so many factors that can determine a result. To start with you have seasonal changes, environmental factors, hormones, food, alcohol and tobacco and many others. You also have factors like composition of the picture, lighting, position of the face (if wrinkles is a problem).

Time of day when picture is taken etc. I will do a full post on how to check if someone is not telling the full truth or not but I do think that a lot of people take a before picture in one light and an after picture in another light. Then they look at the pictures and see a huge difference not knowing themselves that there is a total different tone to the skin and background. Making their whole result inaccurate.

Then of course there are those who intentionally is trying to trick you. But I’ll get back to that in a different post.

Hope this post gives you some idea to what a LED mask is and if you are interested in my review on the Currentbody LED mask it will be up soon.

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