What is a sleeping mask
What is that?

5 reasons you should start using a sleeping mask

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Give me more, give me more are the first words that comes to mind. I don’t know how anybody can say they don’t like these products. Going to sleep in a mask and waking up feeling soft and hydrated. To me, this is just an amazing group of products.

If you haven’t heard about sleeping masks or if you just want to learn more. Keep on reading and everything will become clear.

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So what is a sleeping mask

When a lot of people think about a facial mask they think about clay masks, peel off masks, scrub masks or sheet masks. But there is one more group of masks that are not as well known as the rest and that is sleeping masks. Sleeping masks is basically a cream that you add as a last step and most often when you skin is in need of that extra moisture.

How to use a sleeping mask

This is the part that might seem a little weird if you are not used to adding a lot of layers to your skincare routine. But you simply add this step as your last skincare step.

That is after you applied your regular moisturizer.

In the beginning it might feel weird by just adding layer after layer and your skin wont be able to absorb the mask completely and you will end up with a little messier pillow cover.

Who can use a sleeping mask

Everyone actually, but everyone can’t use the same one. You need to think about what your skin needs. There are so many masks targeting different issues like moisture, anti aging, skin barrier repair, etc. You just need to find a mask that have the qualities you are looking for.

I have noticed that there isn’t many masks for oilier skin types since sleeping masks most often are moisturizing. But you can still use a sleeping masks. Just go for the once that are suited for oily skin and are lighter in texture. Even though you might have oily skin it doesn’t necessarily means that your skin is moisturized.

I really do love using sleeping masks and I use them often during winter time. I live in Sweden and our climate can be quite rough on the skin and I am usually always looking for moisturizing products.

What is a sleeping mask
What is a sleeping mask

Are there any downsides

Actually there is only one and that is to be sure to wash if off in the morning or it might clog your pores. Other than that I really haven’t found anything wrong about using a sleeping mask.

Reasons for start using a sleeping mask

– It is such an easy way to get that extra moisturizing step into your routine

– They are easy to use

– Suits all skin types, you just need to find the one that targets your issues

– Waking up in the morning just feeling refreshed and hydrated

– You save time and wont skip the step of using a facial mask

Sleeping mask reviews

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