What is an emulsion?
What is that?

What is an Emulsion?

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This is a product that is really confusing for some people and not all brand have this type of product in their skincare line.

Basically, one can say that an emulsion is a very light moisturizer containing more water than a regular moisturizer. Since an emulsion is light, it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into your skin.

They normally come in a watery cream liquid, but they can also come in gel form or waterier.

They common emulsion has hydrating properties but they can still have other properties like brightening or enhancing the skin’s barrier.

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What is an emulsion Isntree Green Tea Fresh Emulsion
What is an emulsion Isntree Green Tea Fresh Emulsion

Using an emulsion instead of a moisturizer

If you have oily skin you and have problems finding a moisturizer that is light enough, a hydrating emulsion like The Saem Dewy Love Hydrating emulsion might be the only moisturizer you will need.

Be sure that it is a hydrating one, if you are not using a moisturizer on top.

An emulsion can also be perfect when you feel that a moisturizer is to heavy before applying a sun cream.

Where to put it?

Where you put your emulsion differs, you need to read the instruction on your emulsion to know for sure. They are usually put before or after essences, serums and ampoules.

The once you put before your serums are not acting as a moisture barrier.

Emulsion as a moisture barrier

A moisture barrier means that the emulsion will trap all the goodies you put on your skin before applying the emulsion. Trapping the products like essences and serums you just applied to your skin. This is what I normally do and it makes a huge difference on my skin.

An emulsion that is used before serums, normally just makes the skin softer, but without creating the barrier. This makes total sense, because if you would use an emulsion that creates a moisture barrier before applying the serums or ampoules the skin won’t absorb any of the products you add on top of the emulsion. This is why it is important to know what type of emulsion you are using.

I have never tried an emulsion that is supposed to be apply before serums, and I don’t think I will since I simply love using an emulsion as a barrier.

For dry skin

This type of product is really amazing. If you use the types that acts like a barrier it will make a huge difference to your skin. You could also add a few drops of facial oil, for example rosehip seed oil, when applying the emulsion and you will add even more moisture to your skin. Then apply a regular moisturizer on top.

My skin type is super dry during winter and just a little less dry during summer. So, I am still experimenting with this type of product. During winter I always use a full routine and the more products I add to my skin the better it feels. And when I started using this one (during winter) my skin felt simply amazing when waking up in the morning.

Include or exclude in your routine?

If you are looking for a step to add, this is a great one (specially for dry skin). But if you are looking for a step to cross off the list, this also may be that step. It all depends on your skin type and what other products you are using. If you have a skin type that acts up during winter, you can use it during the winter and not summer. It really is a type of product that is worth looking into.

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