• Kosé Softymo Speedy Oil Cleanser
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    Kosé Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil Review

    Always when I use makeup I start with an oil cleanser. My skin type is super dry so using oil cleansers is absolutely the best match for my skin. I do double cleanse whenever I have been using more makeup, during summer time, or when I just feel like a deeper cleanse. Since my skin is really dry I tend to stay away from too much foam cleansing during winter time.

  • Tonymoly Wonder Olive Tox Cleansing Oil

    Tonymoly Wonder Olive Tox Cleansing Oil

    I love oil cleansers. And I mean really love them. I find them to be the most gentle and non damaging to my skin of all cleanser types there is. Cleansing balms falls under the same category. My skin is super dry and I do follow the double cleanse method but this depends on how my skin is at a certain time. If I use a lot of makeup or if I have been using sunblock I always double cleanse.

  • The Saem Phyto Seven Cleansing oil
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    The Saem phyto seven cleansing oil review

    The Saem phyto seven cleansing oil is blue. At first glance my thoughts were why do they need to add coloring, but when looking at the ingredient list I realize that the blue comes from Guaiazulene which is a dark blue crystalline hydrocarbon and has a lot of benefits. For example anti-inflammatory. I will not go into this deeper. But the color makes it really cool.