• Lululun sheet mask pink
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    Lululun sheet mask pink review

    I got this one in a 36 sheets packaging, since I heard it was good and felt what a heck I need my sheet masks and this one was really cheap. I was scared that it would dry out really fast but it hasn’t. One can always store the packaging in an extra plastic bag to make sure.

  • Esfolio red ginseng essence mask sheet
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    Love this | Esfolio red ginseng essence mask sheet

    Esfolio red ginseng essence mask sheet is strongly scented and I usually have a problem with product being really scented. My skin doesn’t react but my nose is really arguing on that point. I do feel that the scent is too strong but the mask itself is really good and I do feel that the quality of the product beats the smell of it.

  • Helloskin Jumiso sheet mask Rich Nourishment
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    Helloskin jumiso sheet mask Rich Nourishment

    The mask fits well, it is a little bit on the larger size and the eye sockets are large as well. Which suites us with bigger eyes😊. The essence is clear and quite fluid. It has some smell but nothing overwhelming. The mask will last a long time on the skin, so I usually wear my masks longer than the 20 minutes. I wore this for 40 minutes and the mask was still moist when I removed it.