• Before and after Korean skincare
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    My skin before and after Korean Skincare | a winning method

    When I was a youth I never had any interest in skincare. My skin was ok compared to a lot of my friends and the I really never struggled with pimples or oily skin. Instead my issue was super dry skin.  Since I really didn't know much about skincare and really didn't have any interest in learning I simply did what all other people did. I used product with alcohol and didn't even think about toners or serums. 

  • My skincare routine 2019
    MY skincare routine

    My skincare routine March 2019

    My skincare routine March 2019 Since I run this blog, my skincare routine changes all the time and I seldom stick to one routine for long. There are products that I keep coming back to and on this picture it is the Hada labo lotion (my 4th bottle). But this is the routine I follow at the moment.