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Skinfood Rice Brightening cleansing oil

Skinfood Rice Brightening cleansing oil

As many of you already know I am totally in love with oil cleansers. I feel that they help a lot with making my skin feel nice and clean. I always double cleanse in the evenings but during the mornings I only cleanse once unless I have been using a sleeping mask during the night. Sometimes I use an oil cleanser and sometimes just a foam cleanser depending on season and how dry my skin is.

The SAEM healing tea garden cleansing tissue

The Saem Healing tea garden cleansing tissue

I have always looked on this type of product with big question marks. I do know that there is a lot of people who use these cleansing tissues in their daily routine and I simply don’t get it. I always double cleanse and I really don’t get the feeling that my skin is really clean after using it. I always want to rinse my face and get all the product out.

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