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IUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam review

I have super dry skin and need to choose carefully, especially when it comes to cleansers since a lot of cleanser dry me out. This one really doesn’t and therefor I feel it is really suited for dry skin as well as sensitive skin types.The IUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam is absolutely a cleanser I recommend and I feel that if they get different versions of it I will definitely try them out as well.

The Rituals of Sakuras sensational foaming shower gel review

I actually received this one from a friend who couldn’t stand the scent of it. So of course, I was looking forward in trying it out😊. As a body wash, the product is weird. It feels luxurious on my skin but I am really not sure how well it cleanses. My skin doesn’t feel dry after using it which is really great (I have super dry skin) but it doesn’t feel very moisturized either. Somewhere in between I would say.

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